My name is Steve and I make things with language. Images too. I'm a genre nomad uninterested in chaining myself to any particular mode of expression, preferring to follow the path Italo Calvino described in The Castle of Crossed Destinies:

I always feel the need to alternate one type of writing with another, completely different, to begin writing again as if I had never written anything before.

In this pursuit I tend toward the genre-blurring and experimental, with a particular interest in emergent literary and artistic forms that haven't yet developed a set repertoire of accepted expression--though I do have a mainstream streak, too. My debut short story collection Wifeshopping won the Bakeless Prize in Fiction from the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference and was published by Houghton Mifflin in July 2008. My prose poem chapbook The Birth of Trigonometry in the Bones of Olduvai was published in October 2013 by Finishing Line Press, and my full-length prose poem collection Thirty-One Octets: Incantations and Meditations was published by CW Books in November, 2014.

My digital lyric memoir daddylabyrinth premiered at the ArtScience Museum of Singapore in November, 2014. I'm committed to keeping that available under a Creative Commons license at www.daddylabyrinth.com. I've also made an interactive film, Talk with Your Hands Like and Ellis Island Mutt, which you can see at http:/​/​ellisislandmutt.korsakow.tv. (Keep in mind it's a bit touchy with some web browsers as it's being updated, and that you might need to try more than one.)

I earned my MFA from Florida State University (Film/​TV) and have taught creative writing at the College of the Holy Cross, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and South Dakota State University, where I am an assistant professor of English.

Print Works

Prose Poems, Hybrid-Genre
Explorations of language and the mind using anaphora, the Ginsbergian breath-centered line, and the oracular voice.
Prose Poems, Hybrid Genre
Fifteen years of deep flirtation with the prose poem, distilled into a handy chapbook.
"Strongly imagined,often deeply moving fiction from a gifted writer who seems to know us better than we know ourselves." Kirkus Reviews

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